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A Rewarding way
To Invest

GOSB Investment Platform is built to help you achieve what you want with your money. Grow your savings today through a high-interest cash account and finance your future with automated investing.

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With no account fees and $0 commission trades.

We leverage technologically advanced scalability to enforce network & user security, increase node inclusivity, and ensure long-term sustainability.

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Automated Investing

We make investing easy. No day trading or navigating market ups and downs. We’re here to help you earn more over the long term and make smart decisions with your money.

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Protect Your Wealth

Dollars have lost 90% of their purchasing power since 1950 as politicians printed more of them. Bitcoin’s fixed supply makes it the best way to save your money for the long term.

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Wealth Management

From complex wealth management to your retirement needs, we can help you with financial planning. With no account fees and $0 commission trades. We can help your money go further.


Here's what easy looks like...

1. Tell us a little about you.
How much you want to invest, why you're investing and your preferred timing.

2. Set up your account in minutes.
Get started with an investing goal or general investing account and make your first deposit.

3. Let us handle the hard stuff.
This is where we shine. From portfolio recos to fractional share investing to guidance on tax-efficient withdrawals.


We’re here to be your crypto guide with expert-built portfolios, in-depth resources, and a secure, simple investing experience.

Mintlayer Scalability
Dive deep on your earnings.

Get a detailed breakdown on just how your investments have performed, and see how our technology is working to save you more.

Mintlayer Decentralization
Earn by inviting friends

Simply tap "Invite a friend" from your Acorns profile and find out how much you can earn for inviting friends to grow their oak. Earn up $100 on referral.

Mintlayer Security
Security & Protection

We use advanced login protections, deploy security protocols, and hold all crypto assets with our partner (and registered trust company) Gemini.

Mintlayer Interoperability
Recurring deposits

Get guidance on setting up your crypto portfolio and risk level. Recurring deposits let you invest how you want effortlessly—tracking it all from your financial dashboard.

Mintlayer Privacy
Grow your crypto knowledge

We’ve put together a collection of articles and videos to help you stay in the know without going it alone. Learn the basics, explore educational guides, and deepen your understanding of crypto.

Mintlayer Frictions
Portfolio rebalancing.

We keep your account at your preferred ratio of stocks and bonds, or cryptocurrencies once at the balance threshold.

Token Lines

Optimize your cash today
Start investing for tomorrow

Mintlayer ML Staking
No minimum balance

Other institutions offer higher interest rates based on a larger balance—you can grow your money with us for as little as $10.

Mintlayer ML Governance
No hidden charges

Forget any monthly or maintenance costs—what you earn is what you keep. Withdraw your Crypto to another wallet for free.

Mintlayer ML Tools
No withdrawals delay

Compare this to other banks that limit how often you can access your money. Get paid instantly 24/7.


Making people's lives better

We're here to help people turn everyday investments, no matter how small, into their dreams, no matter how big. We offer the best of both worlds. We do that by combining easy-to-use, automated investing technology with great advice so you can make "better" what you want it to be.